Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Today is New Year's Eve, and it would be very convenient if we ended up having the baby tonight, but chaSo there are nces don't seem great. See, if we have the baby tonight, we don't have to pay our deductible for our insurance. Since we have private insurance, we pay $3500 before the insurance foots a penny, but then, at least, it does cover pretty much everything else. So if we do end up having the baby at the first of the year, we won't have to worry about any other medical emergencies. But the thing is that we probably won't spend $3500 before we end up going to school, where they should have some sort of group insurance. GROUP INSURANCE! YAY!! So, anyway, we went for a walk last night to see if we could encourage the baby to come, and he didn't seem to want to come last night. I even ran about 100 yards. I am 37 weeks today, so it would really be just fine if the baby comes today. The baby will be healthy. At my 31 week ultrasound, the baby was 4 1/2 pounds already, so with six more weeks of growing, he should really be fine. :) Anyway, we will do a post when he comes. Until then, we're planning on having a New Years Eve party with scones today. :) My cousin Kim said that it used to be a tradition at my Grandma Skouson's house to have scones on New Year's Eve, so I wanted to be a part of that this week. We're excited! Happy New Year to everyone!

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