Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve

I have several posts from the Christmas season that I want to write, and I thought about writing them backwards, but to try to keep this blog as sort of a journal, too, I decided that for my own sake, I'm going to write the posts in the time order that they happened. However, some of the things won't be happy and might be a bit grotesque thanks to our furry roommates, so please, if the killing of innocent animals bugs you, please don't read these posts.

So, our friend Melissa over at commented that if the mice were going to live there, at least they could help me clean up like the ones in Cinderella do. Apparently, on Christmas Eve, one decided to try to help. He wanted to help wash the crockpot bowl that was soaking overnight in my sink because of stuck on food that we couldn't get off. We didn't know it though, so I started to dump out the soapy water, so I could wash the bowl, and there I found it, a mouse had drowned in my crockpot. . . I must have jumped at least 6 inches, and Rob said that he wishes he had a picture of the face I made. I was totally grossed out, and I thought about chucking the crock pot and going to target and getting a new one where they are on sale for $15. I came to my senses however, and I kindly let Rob have the honors of going to dump the mouse into the outside trash can. It was a tramatic experience. However, Christmas Eve did get much better from there.

We cleaned up the kitchen and the house a lot, and then we went into the room with our lovely $20 Christmas tree and read the story of Christ's birth directly from Luke. The kids were pretty enthralled with it actually. They got to open their Christmas Even pajamas, and then we all piled in the car to go to Thomasville.

In Thomasville, we ate at Applebee's, and the kids enjoyed that. Then, we got in the car to look at Christmas lights. Thomasville has a beautiful public house that is decorated to the nines and they have a Christmas display set up specifically for cars to just drive around the old plantation and look at Christmas lights. I got a few decent pictures of this one, so I hope to put up that post later. ONce we got home, Jackie went to bed right away, but Ben wasn't so sure he wanted Santa to come. He wanted Christmas to come, but he wasn't overly fond of Santa, so when we told the kids to go to bed because Santa can't come when kids are awake, Jackie went right to sleep. Ben, however, tried to stay up, so Santa wouldn't come. At 12:30 am, we finally got him to sleep, filled up the stockings and went to bed. I hope to get the pictures from my camera downloaded, so you'll see some of the pictures of the lights. That will have to come later though.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate, but this is my blog, so I wish a Merry Christmas) and I hope people go on to have a wonderfully happy New Year.

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Robert said...

I'm not sure I want any more pictures of the moment with the mouse, but you want one of your face, I thought you said. I'm sure the moment will remain with me for many days, weeks, months, and maybe years to come. I am not fond of seeing my wife in trauma, personally.

It was a good Christmas, all in all, though. Merry Christmas everyone.