Friday, December 7, 2007

Orson Scott Card and Theology

I almost never post two posts in the same day, but here is number two. This one's important!

I love Orson Scott Card. In fact, his book Ender's Game was one of the things that brought my husband and I together. I think he's a great author. He also happens to share my religion, which my husband didn't know when he started reading Card's books. Well, here is a link to a MUST READ essay printed in the Deseret News. Whether you are a member of my church, or you aren't one, this talk addresses some issues that are going on with Mitt Romney in his campaign for President, but more importantly, it addresses issues that come up against me at least weekly as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Here's the link:,5143,695233910,00.html

This essay came as a response to a speech given by Mitt Romney about his faith. The video is in two segments. The first segment is found here.

The second segment should automatically come up after a short commercial.

Some readers may be wondering why I'm talking about politics on an attachment parenting/elimination communication blog. That's because I truly believe that politics and parenting are interrelated. I cannot parent my way unless it is legal to do so, and I will support candidates who support my moral values, so I can still be free to teach those to my children.

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Robert said...

This speech moved me when I heard it. It sounded the most presidential of any I had heard yet among this ctop of candidates, and really as much as anyone in quite some time. I really appreciated the message conveyed. The essay was a good read for aoyone who is unfamiliar with the LDS ideas about God, and I have shared it with some people because of this speech.