Sunday, December 16, 2007

Jay Gordon

I love my pediatrician. I know he cares about my kids and I know he really works hard to keep up with modern medicine. However, I just don't think he understands attachment parenting. He doesn't really seem to care whether or not I breastfeed my child. To him, formula is just as good. I guess he makes money if my child gets more ear infections. I know he doesn't want my kids to get sick, but he just doesn't care. He is a crib sleeping proponent. I can see why a Dr. would follow the CDC. All in all, he knows what he's talking about, and he does not berate me for my attachment parenting ideas. In the end though, if I want an answer that supports attachment parenting, I need to go somewhere else. One resource that I have found is He's a licenced pediatrician who supports co-sleeping and breastfeeding. He also has a GREAT article on treating thrush. Happy surfing.

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