Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The latest in the life of Ellie

I had a great visit to the neurologist yesterday. It was actually fun! I never thought a visit to the Dr. would be fun. Although I was dizzy and nauseaus, (I couldn't take the dizziness medicine before I went.) I really did have a good time. He had me do a series of things like close my eyes and stand up. He had me lift my arms up and put my fingers back where his were and then he had me close my eyes and do the same thing. I got to do a series of games like that. The very best part was that I actually got a real diagnosis. I have a problem with my inner ear. The Dr. said it was a simple problem with a simple solution. I have to go take an ENG and that will tell me which ear is out of balance. Then, he will give me a series of excersizes that I can do at home, so I can get my ears retrained.

He also said that it caused a migraine, and I will probably have other migraines in the future. He will give me some stuff to get me through the next ones. I love Dr.s who know what they're doing!

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Jill Skouson said...

Good news Ellie. I'm glad to hear it's not anything more than that. Good luck with getting everything balanced out.