Monday, March 30, 2009

Hero of the Week

My friend Katie does a Hero of the week on her blog each Monday. I have been wanting to do this one since she started this. My hero in my life is my dad. I have yet to meet anyone with more patience in life than my father. Also, in his fight with cancer, I have not heard a single complaint from him. Really, not one. I have been so blessed to grow up with my dad for a father. I can only remember one spanking while I was growing up. My father heard me swear at my mother. I deserved it.

My dad was always there to listen when I had a question for him, and he is always good about really listening. He gets through to the heart of the problem. He also never lets others treat him unkindly either. He has found the balance. So, here's to my dad. This is short because I am planning on writing him a hand written letter, and I don't want to forget something important in it.


Robert said...

Your Dad has been one of my heroes since I met you. First in hearing about the love you have for him, and how much he's done for the world through two careers, and then in meeting him I have a deep admiration for him. Your Dad is one of the most loving, good-hearted people I have ever met, and I am proud to be his son-in-law.

I'm pretty proud of all my in-laws, honestly.

Crisanja said...

I love your dad. He's always been kind to my family and everyone he meets. You can tell he enjoys life.

le35 said...

Yes I can. He does enjoy life.