Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgivi. . . On to Christmas

I love Christmas. I love everything about Christmas, but honestly, people. Thanksgiving is a holiday, too. I love Thanksgiving. I love the family time, the vacation time, and I REALLY love the food. When did the general American public start skipping Thanksgiving?

The biggest problem that I see with the worldly market skipping Thanksgiving is that it changes the entire emphasis of Christmas, too. Thanksgiving is about giving Thanks to God for the things we have. Yes, it does have to do with the pilgrims and the Native Americans. They were thankful that Squanto helped them survive their first year in this new land, but their thanks was sent up in prayer.

Christmas is not celebrated really on Jesus's birthday, but it is the time of the year when we choose to celebrate his birthday. Christmas seems to get more and more commercialized every year and less and less centered around Christ. Therefore, even as the stores commercialize Chrstimas, please remember that we aren't celebrating X-mas, and we DO have a Thanksgiving time. Let's celebrate this season with good will toward men, a whole bunch of charity, and gratitude to our Heavenly Father who has blessed us so much.

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Crisanja said...

I think you are right on. I think the biggest point to stress in your post is that Thanksgiving is not commercialized so the world tends to leave it behind. It is the one holiday that can not be commercialized, it is pure. Yet, everyone tends to forget about it, as we are force fed Christmas excess. I hope everyone remembers to give thanks for all that they have, and all that they will have.