Saturday, November 3, 2007


Can I just say again, I love Utah! My friend Tracy got married last night, Nov. 2. Since she was going to get married, Rob and I decided to make a family vacation out of coming to Utah, and my friend Wanda came with us along with her daughter Corley. It has really been a BLAST so far. So many new things. I have taken tons of pictures, and I will post some of them after I can figure out which ones I should post. I'm going to try to post an entire slide show that is saved somewhere else, but it should go over well.

Right now, we are at The Cliff Lodge at Snowbird in Utah. It is absolutely gorgeous. There is snow up here, and there hasn't been anywhere else we've been. My Georgia friends are way excited to see some snow. Smile big. I'm off to play some more. YAY!

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