Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In case you want to go.. .

My hometown is having a highschool roundup reunion.

I am making some changes to the flyer to preserve the anonimity of my hometown, but anyone to whom it pertains will know anyway.

I was not our class president, but the person in charge could not contact him, so I am now in charge of contacting our class.  If you were ever in my class, please feel free to email this page to anyone else who might be interested.



Friday & Saturday, July 22 & 23, 2011


Friday, July 22nd –

1:00 p.m. Meet at MHS to decorate Saturday parade float

7:00 p.m. Meet at MHS Auditorium for program, sock-hop, refreshments

Saturday, July 23rd –

8:00 a.m. Meet at Cemetery for Memorial Service honoring

deceased Buckaroos

10:00 a.m. Watch parade featuring Buckaroo Alumni Float

12:00 noon Fellowship - Veteran’s Park - Buckaroo Alumni booth

4:00 p.m. Meet at Blue Mountain Dude Ranch –Hometown pavilion
– for catered meal and entertainment


Send mailing address, Email address, phone numbers, and funds in the amount of $20.00 per person for Buckaroo Alumni Association Membership and $25.00 per person to attend the Roundup. Make checks in favor of Buckaroo Alumni Association. Send to Buckaroo Alumni Association, P.O. Box 305, Orem, UT 84059. Include your Class Year and names you want printed on your name tags. Please RSVP early to help planning.

NOTE: For Saturday meal at Dude Ranch, indicate meal choice: steak or chicken

ENTERTAINMENT: Contact Roundup Committee with ideas for recognitions and entertainment at Friday evening and Saturday afternoon events.

DECEASED BUCKAROOS ROSTER: Please send name, date and place of birth, date and place of death, and cemetery or place of interment. These names will be included in the Roundup Directory and Agenda and announced at the Buckaroo Memorial Service on Saturday morning. A balloon will be released in each deceased Buckaroo’s honor.


Please submit nominations to the Roundup Committee for the following 10 Buckaroo Alumni Board positions to serve thru the next Roundup in July 2015:


Executive Vice President

1st Vice President – Buckaroo Roster 1929 thru 1954 = 26 years

2nd Vice President – Buckaroo Roster 1955 thru 1969 = 15 years

3rd Vice President – Buckaroo Roster 1970 thru 1984 = 15 years

4th Vice President – Buckaroo Roster 1985 thru 1999 = 15 years

5th Vice President – Buckaroo Roster 2000 thru 2015 = 16 years





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