Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Haven't even read, let alone written

So, the long and short of it is that even my email is getting behind. I have 50 unread, important messages in my inbox. This is after I weeded through the unmentional amount of SPAM I had in there previously and read and responded to the things that were most urgent. I haven't read anyone's blog yet this month. I'm really looking forward to going down the blog rolls and looking at people's blogs.

So, a brief recap of our week. I spent the first half of it cleaning relentlessly because we were all so excited for Rob's parents to come and visit. Then, Thursday, while Rob hadn't yet gotten home from the 2 1/2 minute drive to take Jackie to school (she missed the bus) the school called and told me that she threw up in the hallway, and would I please come and get her? So I gathered her up a new change of clothes and walked out to meet Rob.

I walked in and my poor girl was sitting on the potty with a puddle of up-chuck (as my mom likes to call it) at her feet. I felt so bad for the girl. It was coming out both sides at the same time.

Well, that disease RAN it's course through our whole family, so I couldn't keep cleaning my house. In downsizing our home, we have given up a spare bedroom. Therefore, I was planning on having Rob's parents sleep in my bedroom. Due to cleaning up throw up and runny poops Thursday and Friday, I didn't get a chance to clean my bedroom. Jackie's room was beautifully clean, so I put my in-laws in her room. My poor parent's in-law. Right after we picked them up from the airport on Saturday, I came down with it. I felt so sick that all I did was hang out in my room, sleep, and use the bathroom for one purpose or another ever 10 minutes or so. So, they didn't come home to the lovely house I imagined or a cute bedroom of mine. We were so looking forward to this visit ever since they planned it. (Which means within days of moving here.) However, poor Mom-in-law is sick ON THE PLANE. Poor wooman. I love that woman. So, now, I put them back on the plane this morning, dealt with sad kiddos, and I am finally getting around to the blogs. I'm on my way to start by reading those on my delightful list. YAY!

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