Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Today, I'm starting to seriously pack. Last night, I had my last marimba recital, so Rob and I decided that instead of unpacking the marimba to put it back up and take up space in my living room (since I will not have time to play it), we just left it in pieces all wrapped up in blankets in the van. The van is now sitting in Mom and Dad R's garage for two weeks until we can move. We also now have room in our living room to stack boxes. That one 8 1/2 piece of furniture sure takes up some space. So, we're seriously packing. I have some great pictures of a wedding that we went to this weekend, and an awesome picture I want to share of some bubbles. . . But that will probably have to wait until we are driving down the road, and I can download the pictures onto my laptop. Then, we will have some picture mania on the blog, I think. However, Rob already shared the brick picture of the house. If you want to see our house all covered in brick, go to this link.

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Kim said...

How is the Packing going from Orlando?????????????????????? Kim